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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 25, 2010 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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temulent when writing to the factor. thank you for watchg. i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. it is saturday the 25th. we have a news alert for you. while you were sleeping a plane has to make an emergency landing from pakistan. we have amazing details a>> democrats sending mixed signals on the tax cuts. is this just a political ploy? >> comedian stephen colbert testifying in character on capitol hill about migrant labor. >> i want to go by american and lice by venezuela and sphop by a spawhere a
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brazilian gives. >> and did he hed light or make mockery of the system. we report and you decide. >> chaz from maryland. you can hesitate and there is no time to daily, it is time for "fox and friends" with clayon, dave and ally. >> you -- thank you. >> wow. i don't know time. >> it is great to be here for dave briggs. how did chaz know i was going to be here today. >> i think he has a lining device. >> it is pretty impressive. philly pride in the house. >> philly is two games away.
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magic name for the phillies. they won 11 straight. and the braves lose again. ally shake your head and pretend you know what we are talking about. >> i am. baseball. >> we have a new's alert. a flight from canada to pakistan makes a emergency landing in sweden after canadian authorities get a tip that a passenger may be carrying explosive. one passenger was taken in for questioning. the airline was flying from toronto to karachi. the man, a canadian of pakistani decent was not on the noah fly - nofly list. >> the obama administration urging a federal lawsuit to dismuss a lawsuit filed on
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behalf of a u.s. born cleric. al-awlaki's father who filed the case said the case can hurt nationalure execute. >> agents were looking for a connection between local anti-war activist and terrorist groups in columbia. in the middle east no arrests were made. >> overnight lindsay lohan released from jail despite the fact she was supposed to be locked up until late october. her attorney challenged the ruling that ordered her to be held in prison without bail. >> that mug shot she needs as a head shot. she now has to wear a ankle bracelet and stay away from places that sell alcohol. the 24 year old is do you back
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in court in october 22nd to determine if she violated her drug test. lohan served less than one-third of her jail sentence and released from rehab: a aircraft landed safely in an remote air of kaistana. >> it looks like the moon. >> the three astronauts returned to the earth following a six month stay. they were placed in reclining chairs to help them adjust to gravity. >> and bora topped that out. >> lock how cavalier we are about space travel. 10 or 15 years ago we would have stopped everything. a capsule going back or coming up.
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>> this is the kicker in the story. >> that speaks to how good we are gotten. >> talk about what congress may or may not do. a lot of eyes on what congress will do. a lot of people expect them to be a lame duck congress and nancy pelosi no longer speaker of the tax. voting on the tax cuts. >> that would be at the house harry reid said they would not do that. the tax cuts will expire but yesterday said the house may go ahead and take a vote. >> lish to what nancy pelosi had to say. >> we will proceed with the right. tax cuts for the middle class and it is not about the election. it is about the policy.
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we are strong on that . members with or without a vote and go ahead and return home and talk about that. >> they may have a vote in the house this coming week. but harry reid has said that the senate will not do so until after the midterm election and this is what harry rode red had to say, he blames the gop for the delay. demdeps believe we must permanently extend tax cuts for the class . we have received no cooperation for the republicans to do so. he's not mention that the republicans want to extend them for all tax brackets, that is the hold up. >> and one of the issue the democrats done want the vote before the election . if they are seen not extending tax cuts and raise taxes in the recession which so many
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economist say is the wrong move, democrats going out to defend that vote. >> i want like to know what the vote is before the election. tell us what you are going to do. >> so many lame ducks booted so it is a lame duck congress. pass big legislation after they are voted out. >> you are not alone. it strikes a cord. you want like to know what they are going to do but the market would like to know. there is a question hanging in the air, are the tax cuts going to be extendeder they not. that is clearly affecting the economy on some level. >> maybe not affecting the economy but certainly affecting congress yesterday . the only reason to watch c-span. stephen colbert, comedian stephen colbert was testifying yesterday in the congressional
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hearing on migrant reform and immigration which perhaps on a friday afternoon or morning most people moit not watch. >> this is footage of his testimony. >> this is his show the colbert report. >> we'll watch a minute of what stephen colbert did in front of the congressional subcommittee now. >> and we all know there is a long tradession of great nations importing foreign workers to do their farm work. after all . it was the ancient israelites that built the first pyramids. this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american and sliced by a gutierrezian and served boy a venezuela and served in a spaboy a brazilian. my great grandfather didn't
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ocean to see a country of immigrants . he did it because he killed a man back in ireland. i don't know if that is true. we don't want immigrants doing that. i agree with congressman king we must secure our borders. who then picks our crops? don't interrupt me when i am talking that is rude. i reject the idea that the farm work is the semimythical job. really no americans? , i did part of my ongoing serows. stephen colbert fall back position. i tried other jobs and realize my is way better. >> very comical. he has a show on which he does things like this every night. was it appropriate to waste our representatives time for a
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comedy skit. stephen colbert did q. and allegedly work a few hours or day. >> as a bit for his >> he's going to go in and call would by chair woman and talk about his first hand personal picks. he did a comedy skit. >> he stayed in character five or sen minutes. the topec was hr bill. >> talk about immigrant farm labor and a lot of people said he wasted congressional time. but it was five-seven minutes and he stayed in character. >> the hearing went on longer and it was a lot of the people testifying . would anyone talk about the subcommittee hearing on immigration if he had not gone and shed light or caused some people to pay attention. >> the publicity stunt was valuable usually subhearings
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don't have that many cameras. that was valuable. but illuminating the issue or getting to the heart of the matter as to whether or not jobs can be filmed by americans or illegal immigrants, i don't think they got to the bottom. >> no special sessions is a rub for a lot of people. those cost $125,000 for a session . if he ate up 5-sesh. >> $5000 to $7000. is this a waste of the time? >> this goes to show you and may not be speaking specifically about colbert it is dog and pony shows on capitol hill. they vote in a sports team on the floor of congress and waste an afternoon doing that stuff. >> that is trough. >> this is representative stev fen king whom stephen colbert
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had to say. >> it was no rational form for him to be there. the chair zolot of from california was in close relation with the united farm workers union and they set it up and there is a lot of its own. a lot of people go out and do hard work and compete with each other and demonstrate how much they can produce a day. that is part of the american spirit. >> you can find it on "fox and friends" if it was a waste of time or an important attention grabber. >> i can say this. it was very funny. >> it was funny and little acward moments. you can let us know on twitter and e-mail the show. sparks fly when iranian president ahmadinejad and fox news report. >> why should we believe you? >> we do not insist that you should believe us. we never said you should.
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>> it was good stuff. >> more of the gripping and contentous interview straight ahead. >> bringing cup cakes to school. on one of the student's birthday. that is tradition, but it may be getting banned from one school district and could spread cross the country. we'll talk to the superintendent of schools why he is 96ing the tastey tradition. i love cup cakes. ♪
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♪ i could hanaround ti the leaves are brown and the summer's gone ♪ [ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening pla. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light. >> welcome back, we told you about this. house speaker said the house may move forward on a vote. this after the senate decided they would not raise the issue until after the november election. why are the democrats sending the signals. we are joined by the chairman
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of gopak. david let's start wu. as a voters everybody's vote before i make my vote. >> in a perfect world that would be great. in an environment in the senate where the republicans hold tax you cut hostage so they can have tax breaks. it is not possible. what is happening in the house. the house can bring up legislation and they can't do that in the senate. what you are seeing democrats understand that americans are using and spending every dollar they earn to put food on the table and pay down their debt and one in 10 of them can't find a job. republicans are saying we need to give those folks tax cuts and give tax cut to the 1.6
7:18 am
richest americans. >> is that what they are saying? >> we decide how crazy it is to raise taxes on anyone, especially the job creator in a terrible economy. this president and this congress had two years to do something about the president has been in office for two years now. he can't blame this on president bush. in two years when his urgeent priority was to fix the economy and he had to rationalize incentives and deal with taxes they haven't done it. if this is about economy it is this administration and their policies, i would urge, urge that we move forward quickly with the bush tax cuts. that is the best way to get the economy moving again. >> let's step up to the plate and what is the risk of making the vote before the midterms? >> mike, there is no risk like
7:19 am
i said. >> how do you do it? >> harry reed rode and the democrats would have done it if the republicans would have let them. thea put on the table let's vote on the tax cuts and republicans said no. we need 7 billion for 1.6 percent of the taxpayers. frank is right it is president bush tax policy. we should call him bush tax increases. they put the tax increases that start next year. they say that tax cuts for the wealthy stimulate the economy. these tax cuts robbery in place 10 years and we have seen nothing but deficit explosion and an economy that tanked. >> frank close it out for us. >> the extension of the tax cuts would have passed this congress if the administration would have allowed an up or
7:20 am
down vote. >> the administration didn't control the vote. >> an extension of the bush tax cuts would have passed this congress if the administration hadn't been so intransigent. >> thank you very much. you can talk in your own boxes because i have to go. >> a christian rally in fort bragg has people up in arms. is the federal government promoting religion or is it just a harmless festival. you decide after the break. >> curvey like kim or someone leaner. which woman would you date? would you like at your face first or your body in we'll break this down. breaking body nodes when we come back. ♪
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>> it is your news by the numbers. first 197s, that's how much the dow jumped. the dow is on pace for the biggest sept game. 1300. that is how much one ounce of gold is worth. silver at a 31-year high. 140 pounds. that is the size of a jind emerald. a judge in los angeles are trying to determine the jim's rightful owner. >> dimisplace that. >> meanwhile, fort bragg is become a battlefield over the separation of church and
7:25 am
separate. the critics say the event targets the military personnel and public for conversion to christianity. >> they say the rally is unconstitutional and should be cancelled. rob, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> the response from the army that it is constitutional and a long history of chaplains serving in the military and a long series of constitutional precedent for this to occur, what do you say? >> i don't agree with that at all. this is a rally to convert people to fundament will christianity. the military has no business to persuade people to adopt people to one faith. if we got it in court we would prevail. >> rob, some argue that our military bases where men and women are trained to wage car
7:26 am
are the types of places where there should be spirituality. do you object to chaplains on military bases? >> no, i don't to chaplains. there is various types of military services. we have a military with different faith. but what they are not supposed to do is work with local churches to funnel people in to those churches. the letter from the chaplains telling the churches it is a good way to get members. it went out to certain types of protestants. i don't think that is right. >> we'll give you the statement from the army this morning. i have taken steps to insure that no soldier in my command is pressured to attend the event. it occurs in an off duty time and they are free to attend the erent if they so desire.
7:27 am
it is not a mandatory attendance. people are not standing up saying i was here and roll call. you can go if you want to in >> it doesn't matter if it is mandatory or not. the military is not in the business of pushing people to one religion or not. if it was five imams and they came out to convert them to islam. this would not be happening. we wouldn't have discussion. >> they say they are going to depo go on with this today. it doesn't look as though it is going to be. what is your next move? >> we found about it on thursday. it was too late to get a court injunction. we are putting the military on notice. we are not the only organization that spoke out about this. chaplains can work with people from across the religious spectrum and facilitate their
7:28 am
religious needs. their job is not to coerce or push them in a certain form of christianitiy. >> we'll ask our viewers to weigh in. >> thank you. >> and sparks fly when iranian president ahmadinejad and our reporter talk about the remarks of 9/11 being a inside job. we'll have that interview next. >> text book controversy in texas. education board members taking up a resolution that has a warning for publishers. >> check out this video. it could cost two navy pilots their flying privileges. what they were doing with the choppers. that's straight ahead. ♪ ready to try something new?
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>> welcome back, everybody. thank you so much for joining us bright and early. look who is joining us. >> and mike and i both got yelled at. old school. old is brought up in a sentence when you describe that. >> it is. >> a fine wine. you are well aged. there is a whalop. >> we got yelled at from our
7:33 am
floor director for crowding allison. >> it is like a magnet. >> we have all followed the story of the missing hiker sarah shourd who was recently released after being arrested and two of her friends who went to the border in iraq, arrested on spying charges . she was here in new york because iranian president ahmadinejad was here and she had a chance to meet with him and have a discussion with him. i am surprised he met with her. >> she wanted to sit down with him because her fiance and friend are jailed. i don't know if she appealed. >> they met at his hotel.
7:34 am
her mom went with her. >> she is desperate and wants her fiance . she called the encounter with ahmadinejad human and personal and a gracious gesture and good meeting it is so hard to know with him if it is sinking in and if there is a shred of humanity. >> when she goes into the hotel, what did he say? is there a break through and did he say he would release your fiance and your friend josh fattal. they are concerned and hoping she could maybe get a break through in the discussion. she didn't want to talk about it when she came out of the hotel saying it was a gracious gesture to meet with her. >> could he release him and does he have the authority. this is his response.
7:35 am
>> will you release the two american hikers and can announce that you would release the two american hikers that are still being held? >> can you tell me that two and half million americans would suddenly be released today or tomorrow? >> you are saying it is the judicial system? >> yes. >> he is saying his response it has to go through the judicial system and he wants to see evidence that they were not in fact spying. >> it sounds like her meeting with him may not have struck an emotional cord. he said incredibly offensive things about 9/11 and the u.s. government was involved. >> what evidence do you have that the u.s. government is responsible for 9/11? >> i did not give an opinion of my own. i actually suggested that a fact-finding group mission be
7:36 am
formed to dwelve into the truth. do you think that the entire world has to accept what the u.s. government tells them? >> i think it is appropriate that they got a female voice translator. it really captures the essence of this guy. president obama was asked about the remarks and he called it absolutely hateful. here was president obama's response to president ahmadinejad's comments. >> it was offensive. it was hateful . particularly for him to make the statement here in manhattan, just, just a little north of ground zero, where families lost their loved ones and people of all faiths and ethnicities and who see this
7:37 am
as the tragedy of this generation. for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable. >> here's what is interesting about the president's interview. he gave it to b.b.c. persia and that went to an arab audience. it went to the iranian people. the president was speaking to them talking how offensive he finds their leader and said president ahmadinejad is marginalized. >> i hope they didn't use a female translator for him. >> that would be a bit much. >> secretary of state hillary clinton trying to hold mideast peace talks together. she met with palestinian abbas last night. palestinians threatened to quit the talks unless israel extends the moratorium on the west bank. they expire tomorrow and so far israel refused.
7:38 am
remember the black panther intimidating the voters? >> racial bias against whites led to the gutting of the blank panther case. >> i believe president management and the sectional opposed to the race enforcement of section 5 and continued to enforce those revisions in a racially sective manner. >> coates got to testify after being blocked by the justice department for a year. >> a bank teller is forced to rob his own florida bank with a bomb strapped to his guest. he was questioned for eight hours by the f.b.i.. according to the 25 year old. three men broke in his home and held him and his father hostage. police said it was unusual.
7:39 am
they are searching for the suspects who made off with $100,000 in cash. >> they are suing in texas about text books that refer to islam over christianity. they denounced the books in a 7-6 vote. critics argue that the books cited in the resolution are no longer in the texas education system. >> two navy pilots are grounded after they are caught on camera doing stunts. you can see the chopper spin around and hit the water in lake tahoe. the pilots took a detour to lake tahoe to do stuns. damage to the chappers may be as much as $500,000. >> i i got breaking news here. >>un-ho. >> men find shapely women
7:40 am
attractive. [laughing] >> really? that is actualle a study. >> i am getting the same breaking news information. >> nice. >> according to a new study university of texas has looked at what men find attractive in a new study. for long-term relationship they look at the face first. that's the first thing that men stare at if they have a long term relationship. >> they and guys, if you want to get married what will you look at first on a woman. men responded, their face. you want to be amorous and a one night stand we look at l bodies. >> you don't look at the face. >> she had a face. >> it is shocking. >> it is groundbreaking. this is what they did with the experiment. they put two boxes over pictures of anonymous women. >> you are a woman. stand up. >> i am not opposed to >> you
7:41 am
are not going to do this. >> i love it. >> men would look at this woman. there is a box over her face and her body . so put it. you want to marry this woman. i don't know. let me see her face. >> if you have a relationship with her, that's what they . excuse me, that's what they did. they put the boxes over pictures of women. they peeked at the face. they think that the face is more important for 50 years, you will look at this face next to you . they want to see the face. but short-term relationship, the body is more important. >> you can learn about the test. the peek-aboo. >> yes, appealing to men and three years old. also shocking. >> women like the same thing. they choose the face for both. >> we can let ourselves go?
7:42 am
>> that is not the message. men like attractive faces for short-term and long-term relationship. women are just as super ficial. >> let's don't get into that. >> what do you think. e-mail us, right. >> i am getting breaking newings, we have to move on. e-mail us at friendsaltalt fox >> some people shine and some people choke under pressure. five things to help you thrive in an emergency. the author of the book is up next. you realize that facebook had major out ages. people was physically depressed. facebook withdrawal. the alarming study that backs this up. we'll tell you why, next. you know, fresh green beans lose half their vitamin c in a week.
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some quick head for you. a upon foundation sues the fcc for not catching bernie madoff's fraud. they blew countless opportunity to stop him over a cane-year - 16 year period. >> he was not hard to find. a suspect with where's waldo bandit. he is accused of robbing an oregon bank and posting it on the facebook page. what a dope. here's clayton. >> dope? that picture he was in a whole big. anyway. thanks, mike. from a brilliant last-minute solution for a basketball shot
7:47 am
that wins the game. what are the secres of keeping your cool and being successful all of the time instead of choking. paul sullivan is author of the book called the clutch. >> thank you for having me. subtitle of the book. why some people excel under pressure and why do some people perform? >> one is focus. without focus nothing happens. i focus all of the time. there is a difference between concentrating on something and focusing on something. concentrating is like a flash light and focus is leak a lazer. concentrating driving your car home on the west side of the highway . driving at 200 miles per hour. those who are betterurn pressure have the ability to focus. and you have an expert who has ability to adopt. adaptability under pressure. >> yeah. >> one of the big problems is,
7:48 am
we fall in love with our plan. we take time to come up with it and we think it is perfect. when it is intense pressure we have to change quickly. i tell the story through folks up in west point. they are clutch artist they have to because it is life or death . they stress adaptability, fight the fight or not the plan. >> sure, you have a battle plan. if you are a history plan you know what happened on d-day. most all of it fell apart but under pressure managed to perform. you highlighted willie copeland and his ability to pull out a clutch move. >> willie was the most unlikely marine. i talked to the guy who trained him and talked to willie. he was tall and skinny guy and liked rodeo from utah . he was not what you think of a
7:49 am
special forces or cross player. he came under attack in fallujah and he didn't retreat or stay in the car. he started attack across the field and unseated a nest of snipers and best of all, he helped tod get the co out of there. all of his training clicked in. >> unbelievable. other points in the book. adaptability and presence of mind and combined motivation of fire and desire. >> that is particular to entrepreneurs. entrepreneurs always have a great idea f. they -- if they succeed they succeed. this idea will always succeed. i talked to bernie marcus. he was founder of home depo. he started it at 49 years old and had a wife and kids. he nicknamed his management
7:50 am
plan running scared. >> the book is called clutch. thank you paul for being here. i hope i don't screw up the rest of the show. thanks, paul. >> birthplace is less sweet in one district because it is banning cup cakes to class. the superintendent is up next and why he's stopping that tradition . for colors never before seen on tv. notice the lifelike color on this yellow seahorse, oh sorry, yellow-ish seahorse on your tv with three color technology. observe this stunning blue sea, in your mind that is. well, you get the picture. actually, you don't. [ male announcer ] quattron from sharp. you have to see it, to see it. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of
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>> partners, listen to this. unhand the cup cake. cup cakes and brownies and treats are part of the tradition of kids celebrating their birthdays. but one school district in new jersey is banning the treats. >> the superintendent of schools in ocean township of new jersey, doctor, thank you
7:54 am
coming n >> thank you for having me. >> explain this is a tradition for years and years, when my little girls grew up. my wife would take the cup cakes in the school to help to celebrate the birthday. why don't you want cup cakes brought into the school? >> quick part of the back story. this is my first year in ocean township in new jersey as the superintendent. so last year during my first year just through my observations, it was such an abuppedance of food coming in . we have eight percent of your kids who have food allergies. >> it is not obesity and unhealthy food. it is food allergies. >> it is about keeping those kids safe and my job before educating them is keeping kids safe. >> doctor, i think i understand you want to be
7:55 am
sensitive to kids with allergies. but you let parents send in lunches and peanut butter and jelly to school. why not a once a year birthday treat? >> here's the situation. i am not going to sit there and tell parents what they can and can't feed their children, however, what they are giving to other people's children i have a problem with that when eight percent of our kids are afflicted with some form of food allergies and i have mow idea and monitoring that is absolutely impossible. since this has broke we have worked out a good initiative for the school will where the kids, there is something at the end of the rainbow and they can get a treat. >> how? >> what we have done and this past week met with both
7:56 am
factions. people are passionate with the school. with children with severe allergies and those parents that love the parties. >> i will say this. i led this walk in philadelphia called the allergy walk and 5,000 parents say their children are suffering from allergies. if you don't have this you can't relate but it is serious and provide real health risk. if you are allergic to peanuts. you a lot of schools banned peanut butter. can't the kids police themselves. >> are you willing to take the rick that a kindergartener, okay has the will power, okay to say, i am not going to take this brownie. >> right. >> okay, another situation child ends up eating the
7:57 am
brownie . that obvious. >> good point. >> i am not willing for the rick. >> that would be tough. let us know how the new school year goes. we would love to hear from all of you on this. more "fox and friends" in just two minutes.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. democrats flip-flopping on the vote on tax cuts before the mid-term elections. is this a political game? >> president obama comes out swinging against the gop's pledge to america. >> couple of rules for wall street and special interest and cut the middle class loose to fend for themselves. that is not a better prescription for the future. >> more name calling or does he have a plan in place to get the economy back on track. we'll talk about it. facebook and twitter has major
8:01 am
outages this week and some people got depressed about it. is social networking leading to depression and addiction. startling infostraight ahead. our slogan comes from linda in illinois f. you are looking for news, you can trust "fox and friends" as a absolute must. >> nice. >> live from new york. it is "fox and friends" with len essential vitamins and minerals it is part of every breakfast. >> mike is in for dave briggs. are you addict to social network. >> when facebook went down i start to freak out. i am on facebook all of the time. i get it over my blackberry and it is constantly buzzing. you know what irritating, i had to talk to real people. >> you people are addicted.
8:02 am
we'll talk about it. meanwhile, the midterm election is five weeks away. rhetoric is heating up with president obama and americans. >> car lin is on. good morning. >> good morning, goys, fresh out this morning the president is attacking the gop's promise to america. republicans are promising to cut taxs and stop the stimulus. president obama said that led to the economic crises in the first place. >> it is cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires and cut wall street from special interest and cut the middle class loose to fend for itself. that is not a prescription for a better future. >> it offers a new way forward that hasn't been tried in washington. an approach to cut spending
8:03 am
which is sadly a new idea to congress and accustomed to always accelerating it. >> both parties want to gain traction. republicans unveiled the pledge to america where they plan to take the country away from the democrats and house. republicans want to extend all of the bush tax cuts permanently . democrats want to keep the cuts for families earning less than $250, a year. mike, allison and clayton, back to you. >> thank you, carrolline. talking about what the congress might or may not do before the election. we know what is going on with that and bush tax cuts that will expire in the end of the year if something is not done about it to get it taken care of. congress hinted they were not going to touch it we are hearing back tracks. >> the senate would not touch
8:04 am
it harry reed said we need to extend it because they are going to expire. they are not doing it until after the election. but nancy pelosi said the house may take it up this week. >> once again there is confusion and mixed messages as to whether or not voters know what to do with the tax cuts before you pull the lever for your candidate of choice. we had a debate about this. take a listen. >> we decide how crazy it is to talk about raising taxes on anyone, especially the job creator in such a terrible economy. this president and this congress has had two years to do something about >> harry reid and the democrats would have done it if the republicans would have let them. they said let's vote on middle tax cuts and republicans said no. we'll not let you vote for 98 percent of the americans bus we need 78 behilion.
8:05 am
>> and theissue from the democrats is allowing the tax cuts to expire for wealthiest americans. democrats don't want to be forced to do the vote because they are in a heated election battle. >> congress is trying to do two things at once. if you want to stimulate the economy economist said don't trase taxes. but if you want to pay down the deficit, you will have to raise taxes across the board. >> or you have to cut spending. i through this out the other way. what did cutting spending. no party is going to cut spending. the pledge for america. that's what the tea party is upset. it doesn't do anything to reduce the deficit and cut spending. >> it doesn't touch earmarks. >> it doesn't. no party republicans or
8:06 am
democrats want to cut spending. they have constitients back home they love to send money to. >> okay, as you know, harry reid said they will have to wait until november. he blames the gop for this . he, the senate majority leader said we believe we must have tax cuts for the middle class. unfortunately we received no cooperation from the republican to do so. we'll come back in november and stay as long as we have to to get this done. he is omitting the fact that republicans want tax cuts for everyone. >> we have other headlines for you. >> we start with news a plane from canada makes an emergency landing in sweden after a tip that a passenger may have been carrying exploifs.
8:07 am
the plane was evacuate one passenger was taken in for questioning. so far searches turned up nothing subsidiary picious. the man a canadian citizen of pakistani decent was not on the no fly list. >> obama administration urges a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed on the behalf of a u.s.leric on al-awlaki. >> al-awlaki's father said the feds are disclosing information that could hurt national security. >> federal agents are looking for connection between anti-war activist and terrorist groups in the middle east. no arrests were made. while you were sleeping lindsay lohan was not as usual. she got released from jail.
8:08 am
yet again. the actress posted $300,000 bail after her attorney challenged the ruling of her going directly to jail and stay locked up until her new hearing. she will have a alcohol monitor bracelet. >> it works well . she will be back in court to determine if he - she will go back to jail. >> it was a night out in the bar. >> meanwhile, we need to tell you about wicked weather. heavy rain is causing flooding in southeast south dakota. a dozen homes and two mobile home parks and parent complexes had to be evacuated in brookings. it is estimated 2-4 inches fell adequately. >> talking about social networking. twitter and facebook. true that. >> this week there were major
8:09 am
out ages. facebook experienced one of the worst power failures in four years. people couldn't get on . look. it is something to people say and rely on it. a lot of the businesses use facebook. millions of businesses are relying on facebook to push products and services. when it went down people were freaking out. you were not getting buzzs on facebook. mommy blogers didn't know what to do. they felt cut off. >> they felt isolated if you are in a remote area and not in a metropolitan area you rely on facebook as a social network. it went down and there was panic. there is a study showing it is a real malady. >> and it is a addiction . i am clutching this when i am walking around. >> what are you waiting for?
8:10 am
>> i don't know. i need to know when someone is making a ham sandwich. >> it is like having a drug or alcohol addiction, being addicted to the internet. look at south korea ending up being the worst for internet addiction. they have clinecs for people who are on it 22 hours a day and don't leave their house and they have to go into a clinic for withdrawal. >> this study studied 2400 college kids. people who have a internet users, lin up, you two, are the least likely of any group to eat healthy meals and exercise and engage in healthy hygiene practices. >> that is true. >> one of my chickens died in farmville. no, i couldn't feed my chick nen farmville. >> are you really on farmville.
8:11 am
>> i have to plant my artichokes. you think about the depression that is associated with it . people say when they can't have access to this stuff, it becomes like a drug or alcohol addiction. you rely on it and you sit in front of the screen all day. it makes sense, you don't move. >> kids that is about all they are doing on the phones and talking or texting or something like that. most of the day except for eating or sleeping. >> unhand the mouse and take a shower, people. put down the mouse. tweet us or facebook or send us a blog about how you feel about the addiction to social network? >> exactly. go to twitter right now and send us a message. >> might do that at "fox and friends". >> coming up here on the show. lasik eye surgery supposed to fix your vision. could it make it permanently worse and go blind?
8:12 am
a startling new warning with the medical a-team. >> did you have lasik. >> no, i am too afraid. and meanwhile comedian stephen colbert testifying in congress about migrant laborar working on a farm one day. >> i have to say and i do mean this sincerely. please don't make me do this again. it is really, really hard. >> did he shed any light on this important issue or did he hurt the cause and waste taxpayer time and money? we'll let you decide. ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
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and now stay rewarded with a sweet dilemma. up to five free nights at any of our properties or double points.
8:16 am
>> i certainly hope the star power can bump the hearing all the way up to c-pan one. american farms are far too dependent on immigrant labor to pick our fruits and vegetables. americans may take the jobs again. maybe the easier answer is have scientist develop vegetables that pick themselves. this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american. sliced by a guatemalian and served by a venezuelian in a spa where a chilean gives me a brazilian. >> it is funny but is it a waste of taxpayer money. >> that was stephen colbert testifying in the congressional hearing. >> paula hana, thank you for
8:17 am
being on the show. >> we'll try to play both sides here. what was the harm? >> it may have been funny, but that is the opposite of what the american public upons. they don't want a congress that is entertaining but more serious . humor is a tricky tool in politics and here, i think it is making congress a joke and i think it is showing a lack of reality and lack of connection with the reality and they can't disting quish from fact and realitiy . it is wrong and stupuder. >> what about from this angle. many people argue this brought more attention to a subcommittee hearing. stephen colbert made the joke that star powered got it propelled to c-span one instead of cspan 3.
8:18 am
what about bringing the star power to something that would have been ignore would. >> it would have been ignored. she would have been better off. look, if you are about to make a fool of yourself, you don't want a large audience. you don't want a bank of cameras, you want no cameras. i think this is going to vault her in a position as congressman grayson from florida it is stunning. >> representative from california that invited him to do it. i haven't heard if she knew it was a comedy bit. but everybody looked stunned. people on the blackberries, what is going on. are you concerned about the cost of it. $125,000. hate five-sen minutes of the session. >> the cost of it is not great.
8:19 am
the stupidity isous: congress shouldn't be in the business of this at all. back in 2002 republicans invited elmo, this is actually a photoof elmo in a congressional hearing and republicans invited elmo to come and talk about education. should congress be in the business at all. >> there is nothing the matter of using celebrities. kevin costner was on the hill in the last day or so. they can speak out on issues by which they are known by the public. i am suggesting it is monumentarily stupid to make a joke out of the congress and ensult and take a issue that is approaching tragedy and treat it as comedy. it is so counter productive, you shake your head in amacacent.
8:20 am
>> collin thank you. you are in philadelphia. >> it is quiet here this morning. >> it is every morning. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show. citigroup cashing in. the bank hasn't paid back the bail out money. >> it may seem harmless to let your babies play with napkins and tissues. there is a serious choking danger a lot of parents don't realize. a roll of toilet paper can be hazardous to your health? we'll talk about it when we come back.
8:21 am
hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia
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8:23 am
add >> headlines, citigroup executives are cashing in even though the bank hasn't paid back the bail out money.
8:24 am
they awarded stock bonuses to top executives. the government has an 18 percent stake in citigroup. a space capsule carrying three astronauts landed safely in a remote area. an american and two russians returned to earth following a six-month at a in the international space station . all right. if you are considering lasik eye surge rye you will - surgery you will want to hear this next session. i have reexamined the data used to do lasik devices and now conclude lasik induced permanent loss of vision. doctor, i have never seen a
8:25 am
medical story peak the interest. so many people are considering lasik and sounds like it is too risky. >> it is an elective procedure and a lot of times insurance companies may or may not pay for it 30 million of the procedures have been done all over the world. there are side affects and there could be halos and glare and double vision. the key it is not a risky procedure, but the patient have to be smart consumers and find out their complications are for that particular doctor. in the hands of experienced surgeons it is safe and done in 30 minutes. it is done by opening the cornea and flap over and lazer the area. >> but the vision changes and vision loss is so risky perhaps it is not worth it.
8:26 am
how can you find out the right steps. >> allison, it is rare to see those complications. the doctors are not clear why one patient does well and the other doesn't. maybe because cornea is a sensitive organ. be smart and do a search and make sure you are in the right hands. >> talk about the diet drug avandia, europe banned it. what is going on in the u.s. with it. >> avandia is's smart medication and used for the treatment of type two diabetes. it is one of two drug in the same class. actos being one. still the fda in this counselry have not put up their minds. they have put in restriction. the fda wants to provent the public from danger.
8:27 am
it increases heart disease . risk of stroke and death and mostly heart disease. it has to be used in desperate measures. there are other medications that doctors use in rare desperate occasions where the patient absolutely need it . the risk of diabetes out weighs heart disease. i think it will slowly go to the side because the side affects are serious at this point. >> confusing news about getting mammograms, what is the latest in >> this is a controversial discussion. i don't think it will go away soon. mammograms coming to the surface and psa screening for prostate cancer. but the u.s. preventive task force recommends mammograms for women over 50 every other year. >> but the new england journal of medicine said the benefits are limited. >> they have to screen 2700
8:28 am
women in order to save one life. you compete between the population risk versus the particular individual risk. for that person it is a 100 percent risk. they will catch it and there is a lot of financial reasons behind this. american cancer society still recommends getting mammograms for women with average risk of breast cancer at the abling -- age of 40. until we get longer follow ups. most of the studies are 7-9 years. we'll see if there is a real benefit between the screening and nonscreening. >> women at age 40 are suppose to get mammograms every one year or two year. >> every other year. >> and at 50? >> they would continue to do that. that is a discussion between the american cancer society at the age of 40 and 50. the issue of screening, you may find a false-positive
8:29 am
between the age of 40 to 50 and that increases anxiety and stress. it is better to know and really individualized medicine. discussion between the patient and doctor on that particular case is more important than saying don't do the screening. and sounds like all of these you can make that argument. thank you for coming in to explain this. >> that was a great discussion. i do want to get lasik surgery. >> i can perform it for you. >> pretty cheap. >> five bucks. >> machine get the butter knife. >> i will read that while your eyes are focusing mitt romney speaking in new hampshire. this is a appearance signaling a 2012 presidential run? >> i think so. >> woman from pennsylvania found a way to create military fatigues in more than a uniform. they are hand baggings.
8:30 am
they help our military family . forget justin beaver. check out the dad with his daughters. that's coming up on the show. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident... in their ability to be ready with cialis. with two clinically proven dosing options, you can choose the moment that's rig for you... ... and yourartner. 36-hour cialis and cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a low-dose tablet... you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. day or night. tell your doctorbout your medical condition... ... and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed back ache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical lp for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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>>justin beaver is taking the world by a storm with baby on all of our ipods.
8:34 am
it is not just the tween. check out the ipod look at this embarrassing father. that is painful. >> this family is from lithe ania and the clip had one million hits on the utubes. >> the girls can't see what they are doing or they would top it. >> he is actually really good . got the nopolian dine - din mate. >> i have embarrassed my daughters. >> look at his pants. >> i don't want to. and look at his shirt. button that thing up. >> it looks like john travolta. >> it is so embarrassing if you are a 12 year old and those are your dad moves. >> member get a tazer.
8:35 am
>> the man has beaver fever. but give it to this guy quickly. >> this video creeps me out. >> are they held against their will. >> the girls are saying ♪ baby, baby, baby. >> we'll see if we get the swat team on it. >> in the meantime thank goodness you brought extra ties. these are not just any tires. >> if you are at work go to pillow tie don't com. looks like a normal tie . the fakery tie they look like garbage. but these look like good ties. these blow up and become a pillow. >> they are inflatable ties . look at this. if you are tired and need a
8:36 am
pillow. just use your tie . the designer said it is designed for comfort and sleeping through boring business meetings. >> a meeting lasts longer than five minutes it is worthless. >> see how it works. do we need somebody who can run. >> it is working. >> this is fantastic television. >> keep going. >> i am light headed now. >> go ahead. no try it like this. like you are on a plane. >> there you go. now lay down. >> it looks comfortable. >> i will be doing the salmon. looks like you passed out. >> other people could use it would they not use a
8:37 am
inflatable pillow tie in >> if he had the tie. >> yeah, just lye down the tie. >> i remember in high school, when you are still asleep and i used to rest my hands like this. you would do this on the desk and lean forward. >> if you wear a uniform to school. i will delate myself. >> will you blow up the tie? >> meanwhile, we have news for you. evidence is mounting that fraud in afghanistan parliamentary election were so wide spread it could affect the election. there was ballot stuffing and tampering of candidates is raising efforts of building a credible democracy. >> the grizzny effects of the
8:38 am
nicaragua diplomat it appears to be self inflicted. they are not sure if it is a homicide or suicide. there were no signs of forced entry or struggle in the bronx, new york apartment. >> congress is set to vote on the health bill next week. house speaker nancy pelosi and majority leader pledged to bring up the issue. the bill fail in july after the democrat approximate stopped the republicans making amendments to it. it would provide composition for the september 11th first responder. mitt romney in new hampshire giving the key note address in the republican convention. the trip ramping up speculation of a white house
8:39 am
run. new hampshire is the first state to hold the bid for the presidential primary. > a movie roughlily based on the creation of facebook mark zuckerberg makes a huge announcement on ophrah. >> we are sending out a challenge grant so that mayor booker and governor christi can implement and make a difference. >> what a wonderful charitable initiative. it is start-up education and improve opportunities for young people in america. zuckerberg insisted his giant public school donation is not meant to counter the negative image. >> he will get slammed in the movie. he insists that it is not. movie hundred percent rotten tomatoes. >> they say he wanted to do it
8:40 am
anonymously. so whether it is a pr stunt or not. he was trying to fly under the radar. >> and corey booker talks him out of it. >> guest of the day is here. please welcome to "fox and friends" ebalm. you are da-bomb. thank you for coming. and the military look by the way is certain in right now fars fashion. military look on the fashion run way models are wearing the military look. you have perfect timing. what is your military look all about? >> it is a lot more than just cool military hand bags. our mission is change the world one hand bag at a time and honor the military. how does it work. log on to military hand check out the hand bags and accessories. >> look down the line you and your workers made out of the military uniforms. how did you get the idea?
8:41 am
>> somebody had the idea, major dan gareyald sent up his fatigues and he thought it would be cool to do this. i said absolutely. log on to the website based on their personal fatigues . we use them and cut them up and make meaningful hand bags and accessories for them. >> say a woman has a husband serving overseas. >> right here. this is my favorite bag ever. military wives, military daughters, our bags can be a display of their husband or their dads on service. where they have been in the world and all of the patches. >> you leave the name. >> we try to keep the uniform as intact as public. >> that is a one.
8:42 am
>> this is an old uniform and they are proud of their husband and show it off. right here military mom . your husband is deployed and not going to be there for the birth of your child and you have his uniform in a diaper bag. >> books or baby blackets. you know he will come home safety soon. >> i love you for doing this. >> we are going to get flooded with request . put it on the website at "fox and friends".com. hold on, we'll get a ton of request. >> i am ready. >> she found her boyfriend jererksemy. >> my husband. >> he's in the military. now they are hitched and there he is. even got a dog out of it. >> go back inside. great job. >> thank you . she sent me one much those bags and i have been wearing
8:43 am
it around and getting tons was compliments. >> see it pays off. >> thank you . a multimillion pay out for a family who said vaccine give their child autism. >> and republicans unveil their republican agenda. will it be enough for the election . huckabee said the pledge did not go far enough. >> that's what i said. >> done put word in the my mouth.
8:44 am
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so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. >> welcome back to "fox and friends". house republicans have unveiled their pledge to america laying out the party's plans for rebuilding the country. but did it go far enough to get support from americans. >> governor mike huckabee is here.
8:47 am
>> good to see you. >> let's talk about the pledge to america . many say it didn't tackle run away government spending. >> they could have curtailed earmarks and a balanced budget would be an important addition. term limits for members was congress. americans believe that you shouldn't go there and make a career of it . end congressional pension and made it that you just get social security. every year congress doesn't balance the budget they get a pay cut. do things that say to the american people, we are going to be responsible and accountable. >> definite reduction. >> many republicans were outspoken saying this doesn't do anything to reduce the deficit and earmarks . the most vocal section of the country was the tea party. they didn't like this at all. does that speak with what is going on and resonating with
8:48 am
americans. >> the way john edwards say it. one in washington and one in the rest of the country. the one in washington is oblivous to recession. washington d.c. is the only city that is recession proof. they never experience it. they make sure that washington has money and congress not going out of business. what if the members of congress in this particular proposal said we are going to have a across the board federal staff reduction. that would have been popular. those are the kind of things that are popular there. is nothing bad about it but it is like going to baskin robins and ordering vanilla. >> contract with america in 1994. they tried to bring up term limits, too . we didn't get it done. >> they get there and look around and say i leak this. people open the elevator and
8:49 am
treat me like a king. that's the problem in washington. >> is that why people want so badly getting in congress. we have sore loser, lisa murkowski write in ballot and people like castle, trying to get in from delaware now. >> most outrageous was lisa murkowski after defeating in the primary. i will do a write in campaign i want people to have a choice. they chose the other guy. go back to alaska and it is done. this is it. it is infuriating. >> in the presidential campaign why didn't you start a third party. i agreed to the rules of the game. it is not right to extend the game on my termings. show class and sportsmanship. act like you really believe in the system and accept your loss. >> it is a concession call.
8:50 am
don't wait for three days. >> don't wait a month or to. and then go to baskin robins and get your vanillia. >> great to see you. >> great to see you. coming, partners. lin - listen up. letting your baby play with napkins and tissues. the serious threat you need to know in your house. grapes? oh, my gosh, yes. ♪ delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing new activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors
8:51 am
like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler. mmm. you've got to try this. new activia dessert. ♪ activia with the most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. see your ethan allen design center for two beautiful ways to save.
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8:53 am
>> all right. new mms and dads out there, listen up. because would he know you're probably rushing to baby proof the house, there may be dangers you're overlooking. the editor chief of the she's here to show us things we need to look out for in the home this morning. >> thank you for having me,
8:54 am
baby safety month we need to get the word out about household dangers. >> this shocked me, i had no idea, i've got a seven week old baby at home now so we start with latex balloons around the house. common item, big problem. >> because you have older siblings, you cannot let babies near balloons because when they pop pieces of the balloon can pop and cover the ear hole. get mylar, they don't pop in the same way and be careful. don't let babies touch balloons. >> yet, they love them. my son could find one a mile away and meanwhile, another party leftover,the little napkins. >> yes, napkins at restaurants, people are what's the harm the babies chew on nap kens akin napkins. with the saliva they get clenched in there. >> and in the bathroom,
8:55 am
grabbing the stuff. >> keep it out of reach and there are particular covers. >> looking at foot, kids eating hot kins, chop them up and grapes, any problem. >> 60% of the choking in the hospital is because of food. now, you never serve a baby a hot dog whole. this first bite can plug up the air hole. cut it in quarters and then grapes, they can plug the babies's air hole. white bread and peanut butter, a bad combination. >> we've talked about cribs and why bedding is dangerous. >> parents want to deck it out. and bumpers and 900 babies suffocated. this is slim, a bumper,
8:56 am
shouldn't put them in until the baby can manufacture around and you need an a very tightly fitted sheet. tight bumpers and tightly fitted sheets. you don't need any bedding put them in a zip up blanket the best way to go. >> we have some baby dolls. >> this is about the tags. new things in your home. babies can chew these things off, be careful and remove the tags on toys immediately and also watch out for buttons on eyes, the classic. >> all of this sufficient is on our website, and things we didn't get to. a whole list. check out the full list on >> one is the purse, make sure you pay attention to the purse. >> all right, carly, editor and chief of the the >> thank you. >> meanwhile, the president of iran goes on the defensive when fox news reporter eric shawn grills him about nuclear weapons. >> why should we believe you? >> we do not insist that you
8:57 am
should believe us. we've never said that you should. >> all right. we have more of that contentious interview at the top of the hour for you. >> in a christian rally at fort bragg has critics up in arms. they say it's unconstitutional. is the federal government promoting religion or just a harmless festival? that's next. interesting grooming.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>> good morning everyone, it's saturday, september 25th, president obama defending his economic policies this morning, but the g.o.p. says his financial plans are out of control. we have a live report on this war of words. >> democrats flip-flopping about the vote on expiring tax cuts before the mid term elections. it's one of the issues hurting americans the most right now, so why the political games? >> and a dean of harvard university lobbying for illegal immigrants who want to attend college. her school bans the rotc from campus, do they have the priorities mixed up? we report, you decide.
9:01 am
russ in florida searching for the best of morning news, kick back and relax and see why aly and the guys are number one, did that rhyme? >> good morning, "fox & friends," good morning "fox & friends." >> good morning, "fox & friends." >> call center is open. you know, if you call right know you get a tote bag. >> is that right? >> a new thing we started mike jerrick in for dave briggs, a tote bag we're giving away and free coffee. >> we didn't do that in your day. >> we had no swag, back in 2002 when we started this program. >> it's great to have you here. >> it feels good to be bakken 0 the couch. >> yeah. >> coming up we'll talk about tax cuts in a little bit and flip-flopping back and forth what democrats are doing and first we're watching five weeks until the krcritical mid term elections. >> caroline shively in washington with details of the verbal slug fest. >> reporter: listening to the
9:02 am
president's address, it sounds like the economy is revving back up, but one in six americans has to get financial support from the government. here are both sides. >> the economy is growing, instead of shrinking as it was in 2008 and the beginning of 2009. we're gaining private sector jobs, each month, instead of losing 800,000 as we did the month i took office. >> as a result of the economically disastrous policies of the current administration, millions of americans are out of work today and our children will be saddled with a deficit and debt that is by every definition out of control. >> republicans unveiled the pledge to america plan this week to layout where they plan to take the country, especially if they can wrestle power from the dems in the house. republicans are promising to cut taxes, and repeal the health care law. president obama called that the same policies that led to the economic crisis in the first place. taxes are the biggest battle
9:03 am
ground. republicans want to extend the bush tax cuts permanently and democrats want the cuts for $250,000 a year, but above that range expire. mike, alisyn and clayton, back to you. >> if you're wondering about the divide between the majority of republicans and democrats, on the tax cuts. what they will decide before the election, eems we don't have the own for you this morning because there's a mixed message out of capitol hill. nancy pelosi talked about the time line and it's an interesting one. let's see what she has to say about what the house will do first. >> we will retain the right to proceed as we choose. there isn't a person that isn't for the caucus for the tax cut, it's not about the election, it's about the policy and we're very strong on that and members with a vote or without a vote can go home and talk about their commitment to that. >> okay, so she says her members are ready to vote as early as next week on the issue of tax cuts.
9:04 am
>> that's the bottom line, if she hints that the democrats have to go back to the home districts and have the discussions, but there are a number of centric democrats who don't want any debate on it. they doesn't want to be held to the fire, the feet to fire, local ads running and he voted against tax cuts or for tax cuts. they want hands off until after the election. >> and that's what harry reid was talking about in the senate. he said, i think it was thursday afternoon, yes, we do need to extend the tax cuts and we need to do it by the end of the year because they'll expire by the end of the year, but they're not going to do it in the senate until after the mid term elections, which is it going to be? >> we had a debate on the topic and it got heatedment take a listen. >> look, leave aside the fact how crazy it is to talk about raising taxes on anyone, especially the job creators in such a terrible economy. this president and this congress has had two years to do something about this. harry reid and the democrats would have done it if the republicans would have let them.
9:05 am
they put on the table let's vote on middle class tax cuts and the republican leadership said no, we won't let you vote on that for 98% of americans because we need to have 700 billion dollars for 1.6% of taxpayers. >> let me bottom line this for you. which is the lame duck congress idea, right. if they don't vote on it now, they punted down the field and wait till after the election when maybe they lose the house and the majority in the house and the lame duck congress that got voted out then gets to vote on it. there's a long history of that happening in the united states. '98 that happened when republicans lost they voted president clinton, and would that happen with a lame duck congress, no heat to the fire. >> that doesn't help the voters as mike pointed out, trying to make a decision about the voting booth. nice for a decision before they do that. >> i want to know what their vote is before i vote in
9:06 am
november. >> and your vote may vote-- >> following that. in the meantime talk about mammoud ahmadnejad, doing a series of sitdowns meeting and one very significant one. he sat down with the u.s. hiker, sarah shourd just freed after 14 months in captivity. she of course wanted to talk to him and appeal to, if he had any shred of humanity to let her fiance and her friend out of jail. they were hiking when they got lost and she wanted to make her case directly to ahmadnejad. >> her fiance there and also friend josh fatal lives in the philadelphia area so she's desperate. ahmadnejad's in new york, let's go over there. she took her mother, came to new york, asked can i come to your hotel and meet with you. and they did. and the only-- she didn't want to talk about if there was any break through and apparently there is not a break through and he sat down with eric shawn she walked out of there and said it was a
9:07 am
very gracious on the president's part, ahmadnejad's part to meet with me. it was a good meeting, but she didn't come out with very good news. she didn't say my friends are coming home. >> as you pointed out he sat down with erik shaun and said basically show me the evidence they weren't spying, take a listen. >> i would be the first person who wants democracy in my country. i am the result of a democracy, the way i satisfy it, on the highest level of democracy in history. >> he was addressing there the democracy question about erik shaun also got into, but it all comes back to the hiker question because he has limited power in that country and i think a lot of people in iran think of him here as a bit of a show boating and he's show boating when the real power resides in other quadrants of the iranian government. it underlines the question he
9:08 am
might not be anything to do to release the hikers. >> he might have to go through the court process. and interesting to hear him talk about democracy, he's the big e bigge biggest of democracy unless he's voted out and someone else tries to claim victory. that's his version i think of democracy as we've seen in the past and eric shawn asked him about the burning question of the day. whether or not iran is building nuclear bombs. >> i have said on numerous occasions that we do not want an atommic bomb. >> why should we believe you? >> we do not insist that you should believe us. we've never said that you should. you are free not to believe us, but why would you insist on imposing your view on us, with resolutions, with force? >> he sounds like the rid letter. >> he does, doesn't he? >> that was not an answer. >> he was frank gore sham from
9:09 am
the '60's batman show, the riddler. >> i got that reference. >> i didn't. >> we'll hear what else he has to say to eric shawn. >> we have to talk about the flight from canada to pakistan and landed in sweden after authorities got a tip that one passenger was taken into question and it was flying from toronto to karachi. the man was not on any international no-fly lists. the obama administration urges a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit on behalf of clerics and terrorists, saying that the lawsuit asks for an american court to block the government from protecting its own citizens. if alackey should be held
9:10 am
accountable for his actions. and demand that they disclose information possibly harming national security. secretary of state hillary clinton trying to hold mideast peace talks and met with president abbas last night and the palestinians threatened to quit the talks unless israel extends the moratorium on building west bargainingpires t. >> the coffee party kicks off in louisville, kentucky. the grass roots political group that starts on facebook in january of 2009 as a reaction to of course the tea party. they say they want cooperation in the government, founder and abel park claims the party gives everyone a place to participate in the process. >> they're all wired the whole time. >> the milk party and the sugar party. >> the keg party. >> they all come together
9:11 am
after this. >> coming up on the show we've told you about the multi-million dollar payout for a family who believes vaccines gave her child audition and another says they're egg norring her. a lawyer with fascinating details about the lawsuits at work next. >> harvard university bans the rotc from campus, but its dean lobbying for illegal immigrants who want to attend college. does the school have its priorities mixed up here? we'll talk about that with daniel webster.
9:12 am
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and you could be again. for many, smoking is a treatable medical condition. so talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and make this time, your time. >> as you may know, this month there was a major multi-million dollar settlement for parents who claimed that their daughter's autism was brought on by the vaccines she got as a baby. thousands of other parents of autistic kids hoped the case would pave the way for their children to be compensated as
9:15 am
well, but appears the government has something else in mind and it's not going to be welcomed news for these parents. one of those parents, dana hall received a letter from the vaccine court last week with a troubling message and we want to welcome dana now. good morning, dana. >> good morning, alisyn, thank you for having me. >> tell us about the letter that you got from the federal vaccine court and what it told you. >> this letter basically is asking us to provide them with a theory of why we believe the vaccines caused the autism and provide an expert medical opinion which is the different part. we have the theories, we just cannot find medical experts who are willing to come forth and risk losing their medical license here in the united states to represent our children and to share the story. and you know what, it's not just that. it also in some ways, it sounds like basically, it's a
9:16 am
dead end for some parents. let me read an excerpt of the letter send to the 5,000 families who were waiting for some sort of decision. it says the three special masters designed to hear the test cases ruled there was no reliable evidence that the vaccines caused autism spectrum disorders. the courts had heard the appeals and the test cases all agreed with the special masters there was no reliable evidence supporting vaccine causation. dana, what did you think when you read that? >> i think they're looking in the wrong places. there is evidence out there. the evidence is there, the science is there. the answers are there. they're just choosing not to find those answers. >> i want to bring in mary holland right now. mary, you have studied this issue for the better part of ten years, you're a teacher at nyu law school and you've also set up a foundation and advocacy, i should say nonprofit group to help parents who are in this case. and this letter that's gone
9:17 am
out to the 5,000 people who are waiting for some sort of judgment. is this the end of the line for them? >> it probably is, alisyn. the omnibus office and proceeding has been going on over eight years with the 5,000 claims and tested two theories. did mercury inductees cause audition, did the mmr, measles, mumps and rubella cause autism they decided in six test cases, no, vaccines don't cause autism. and court of appeals, the decision, no. they said to the families, look, if you have nothing different than the test cases, let us know. >> and as we heard from dana, it sounds like they're making the families jump through almost impossible legal hoops. they want them to go out and drum up their own medical expert and come up with a new medical theory? why are they making it so tough? >> well, they feel the court
9:18 am
of federal claims believes it went through the steps it needed to go through. i don't see it that way. i did write an amicus brief on behalf of a number of organizations and we don't think the process is care. it's not a normal court. no normal judge, no jury, no rules of civil procedure, it was set up for an administrative proceeding and functions like a court. it wasn't fair, but it's probably the end. line for now. however, people like dana can preserve their claims if they exit the program in a particular way and they may be able to bring claims in normal courts later. >> at some point in the future. however, let me read one more from the letter, unless you have different evidence or theories not presented in the test cases the results in the test case indicate that your claim is unlikely to be successful. we've heard from medical experts on this show before that vaccine do know the cause autism. why do you think the federal
9:19 am
government has found that and so many parents feel differently? >> well, the federal government now says that there must be an environmental factor. in this proceeding, they didn't find the evidence convincing that vaccines do cause autism. this story is not over. the science is going forward. i believe at the end of the day, we will look back at this proceeding in shame and we will say this was an opportunity to get at the truth and to find the real issues and we didn't do it. it was not a fair trial. >> dana, what do you think when you hear mary's conclusion, do you feel as though you're at a dead end. >> i feel that mary is absolutely correct. that's exactly what we feel. and i do feel like we will find the answers. i feel like the answers are already there. i think they're being overlooked. >> and dana, dana and mary, thank you so much for coming in to explain where we are now with this and obviously will go on, there's a supreme court case in october. thanks for coming in.
9:20 am
meanwhile, millions of cans of baby farm la after beatletles were found in one. >> stephen colbert testifying before congress in migrant labor. >> i certainly hope that my star power can pump this hearing all the way up to c-span 1. >> joke and why congress, well, wasting its time. the congressman chapin is not happy about the submarine committee hearing. we're going to talk to him will have live.
9:21 am
9:22 am
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9:23 am
>> >> so headlines, here, remember the video black panthers members allegedly
9:24 am
intimidating voters? certainly do. yesterday a justice department official called it a quote, unquote, travesty of justice". >> i believe that present management in both the division and the section are opposed to the racial enforcement of section 5 and continue to enforce those provisions in a racially selective manner. >> coates got justified for the u.s. commission on civil rights after being stonewalled by the justice department for a year. >> people using social earthquake twing sites, and lawyers can now comb through your online profiles to collect danimaging information. they can't deceptively friend you to do that. aly and clayton. >> millions of similac baby
9:25 am
formula are recalled after beetles were found in the product and our next guest says he had a complaint back in july and thinks it sparked the recall. >> wait until you hear about the problem. a parent got a shocking surprise in the children's formula. >> hi. >> tell us what happened in july when you trying to feed your ten month old baby twins. >> my wife was preparing bottles the morning of july 24th and as see was scooping out the formula from the container she noticed a foreign subsnce, which appeared to look like a fetus of some kind of rodent is what we immediately thought. >> oh. >> and we had taken pictures of it, sent it to a couple of friends, saying what do you think this is, everybody replied, mouse, rat. >> oh. >> and we immediately contacted similac via strong
9:26 am
moms, i think their customer relations department. left an e-mail and described to them what they found. >> that's revolting. >> now they've recalled as you know, they've pulled the stuff off the shelves all over the place, and they think, people think it could have cost them $100 million dollars in lost revenue and it's understandable. you brought this in, you have it here. >> it's still in there. >> yes, it's still there. >> on camera three, hold up what this is. this is, i can imagine, flip it up a little. >> don't let it-- >> i won't let it loose, i have to scoop it out. >> while you're showing this, we are going to read you a statement from abbott laboratories shall the makers of similac and say we are going to do whatever it is to maintain the trust of parents, but similar part of this recall pose no immediate health risk. >> i don't think i can look at that, i really don't. >> and this is what you found. >> oh, god. >> there it is. that little lump down there.
9:27 am
>> i won't touch it. >> so your wife sees that and freaks out what did you think when you saw that. >> we were horrified and we're looking at it, what is this and we found it halfway through the container and so the children drank half of the container. >> and what has similac said about this or offered you? >> they did call me first thing monday morning like i said, this happened on a saturday and they asked me to tell them what i found and i described it to them. and they said that they wanted to send out a self-addressed box and they wanted me to send them the sample. i spoke to a lot of people and they said do not let at that sample out of your hands. so i told them you're more than welcome to come to my house and take a look at it and tell hee what it is, let's take it to a lab and test it and find out what it is. >> they refused to do that. >> they said no we do not do that. >> other people reportedly seeing beetle droppings and beatles from the plant.
9:28 am
will you ever buy a similac product. >> we immediately went to the store and bought infamil and the twins would not take to it at nine months old. >> that's what happens they get used to the taste. >> we had no choice, but to use it and sifting through every container we bought and since the recall came out we immediately switched over to the liquid and found out from the doctors we can wean them off the formula thank god and won't be using it anymore. >> well, this is truly disturbing. >> it is. >> and it does sound as though your case prompted something and luckily, no other parent hopefully will have to find a horrible surprise like that. >> i hope not, this is just-- it's very disturbing, it really, it's just something that's constantly on our minds and we worry about our children getting sick, they are fine, thank god. but you know, no one has told us, they're saying that it's not harmful, but as parents. >> it's hard to know and that's why on we
9:29 am
have all the information that parents need to know about the recall, go to, it's all there. the product numbers, all of that information is right there. michael, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you for the story. meanwhile, on a lighter note. stephen colbert testifying in character before congress about migrant labor, but is he mocking the system? was the chairwoman morking the system? is congress wasting its time. congressman jason chavettz not happy about his appearance. >> las vegas is a hot seat, one particular spot might be too vot for a swimming pool. how swimming in one pool could get you burned.
9:30 am
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>> i started my workday with preconceived knowings of migrant workers and after being with these women picking corn, side by side in the unforgiving sun i have to say and i do mean this sincerely. please don't make me do this again it is really, really hard. for one thing when you're picking beans you have to spend one day bending over.
9:34 am
it turns out, i did not know this, most soil is at ground level. if we could put a man on the moon. why can't we make the earth waist high, where is the funding. >> that was a special session in congress. comedian stephen colbert testified before the submarine committee on immigration and he may get laughs on his show, but his act was no laughing matter to a lot of people. some people in that room. was his one-man show a waste of congress time and a taxpayers moan? we're joined by utah congressman jason chaffetz, excuse me, jason, he sits on the house submarine committee of immigration where stephen colbert spoke yesterday. good to see you. >> thanks, i appreciate it. >> looks like the weather is utah is fantastic. good to have you with us. some would say it's a comedic act for five to seven minutes, why get upset? >> well, look, he's the best fake newsman on television and if they're going to have fake
9:35 am
hearing that's the way to do it. we will have spent tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money to hold the hearing, i've been on the committee for 21 months, we've only met ten times, never, never, have we brought up a serious bill to discuss immigration and immigration is a huge problem. >> why waste the time, is that what your point is, why waste even seven minutes. >> well, it's such an farce. such a production. i have sponsored and co-sponsored 12 bills on immigration, none of those have ever had time given to the committee to discuss them. i sponsored one bill that had 12 republicans, 10 democrats, very bipartisan and now over 60 co-sponsors, somehow the congress didn't have time to discuss those bills, but did have time for stephen colbert. that's what's so infuriating. >> i don't know that i would blame stephen colbert, probably when he got the call, are you kidding me, they're actually going to let me do
9:36 am
this. i'm basically doing a segment for his show. i mean, i don't know, are you going to invite rachel ray to do a cooking segment in front of congress next week? >> i mean, this is why nancy pelosi's about to get fired. see doesn't get it. everybody in this country knows on both sides of the aisle that immigration is a problem. the problem is congress isn't doing anything about it. why do you think arizona and utah and other states are looking at doing their own thing. because congress has failed to do its fundamental job and responsibility of controlling the borders of taking care of the immigration problem. and so they bring up stephen colbert? it just confirms that congress is not doing its job. that's, that's the heart of the problem. >> i just wonder when he was booked, if they thought he was going to speak seriously? because he had told them he had spent a day you know, working in the fields and wanted to relate that to them, but they-- a lot of people just looked stunned that he was basically staying in character. he stayed in character the entire time and doing a segment that's undoubtedly
9:37 am
going to air on his show on monday. >> yeah, i mean, that's-- it's like, hey, let's just create a venue for him to do stand-up. you shouldn't have to turn on c-span to get your fake news, but that's, it's just so offensive that way. when you've got serious people hurting for this, legal immigration on the country, you've got people waiting in line for some 22 years to get through the process and serious bills that both members, members on both sides of the house want to bring forward and speaker pelosi said well, it will draw attention to the issue and he's an american. >> everybody knows the problem. >> it did draw attention, we're talking about it and everybody is talking about it across the country. >> that's probably true, it did bring attention. she said, you're right that he's an american of course he is, and it was appropriate, but i don't think she saw it. i think she made those comments before she actually saw it on tape. >> yeah, again, i didn't even attend it. i had a-- i had a choice to make so i
9:38 am
attended the fake conference or hearing there or do i go back home to utah and attend the viewing of one of our fallen soldiers from afghanistan. so i came back to utah and it's just sad because the immigration problem is very real. stephen colbert is the funiest guy, been on his show, leg wrestled the guy, but that's not the venue, that's not the venue. >> if you have video of you leg wrestling with stephen i want to see that. you've been on his show over 20 times. >> i don't think i've been on that many times, but i leg wrestled the guy four times. >> that's it. >> and he is, he is freakishly strong, you wouldn't realize it, he's very, very strong. >> especially his legs. all right, thank you so much for joining us from utah. . >> all right, thank you. >> that was a news flash, thank you very much, mike. all right, meanwhile, here are your headlines, what's happening at this hour, the fbi searches eight homes in minneapolis and chicago as part of an investigation.
9:39 am
they suggest they're looking between local war activists and terrorist groups in south america and the middle east, no arrests were made. the criminal case against the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard. the california judge has concerns about the mental capacity of phil gauererro. they're accused of holding her captive for 18 years in northern california. >> a foundation sues the sec for not catching bernie madoff's fraud before it lost about 19 million dollars. the littman foundation accuses the agency of blowing countless opportunities to stop him over a 16 year period. if you're in the market for a 39 thousand dollars sign piano, you'll have a chance to bid on bernie's piano, an online auction takes place in november. while you were sleeping, lindsay lohan was released from jail again. her mug shot looks fantastic.
9:40 am
the actress posted $300,000 bail after her attorney challenged a ruling that ordered her to stay looked up without bail until the end of the next hearing in october. and they will be sporting an alcohol monitoring bracelet and due back in court on october 22nd to determine if she violated probation by failing a drug test. all right. it's being called quote, the death ray and it's terrifying visitors at a brand new las vegas hotel pool. guests say the sunlight is so strong when it bounces off the new vadera hotel it's literal literally singing their hair and melting plastic cups before their eyes. they're wear of the problems and working with dinen designers on the solution. >> you're hoding you pina colada and melts in your hand and a burn on your thigh.
9:41 am
>> it's like when as a kid you had the magnifying class with the ants and cruel, but fun. we're not proud of that, but part of our past. >> what's part of our current and present time is social media, so much so we spend a lot of time on facebook and twitter and this week if you were on facebook, you noticed a big problem because they had a major outage this week and so did twitter, actually, and for about four hours during one week, facebook was down. said it was one of the biggest outages in four years and people were starting to go into fp withdrawals, not being able to access. >> you and i were walking to the green room an hour ago, you walked down and talked to the guests and walking side by side we're both like this, bouncing off the walls. >> my ipad. >> he had his ipad. >> when facebook was down, did you have a panic attack. >> this thing is vibrating and buzzing and i messed the
9:42 am
vibration. why doesn't anybody contact me, why don't i get to see pictures of people shaving or something so i started running into people on the streets, look, here is me making a sandwich. >> gosh, you scare people, mike, you scare people. >> true, and even our viewers were scared and wrote in this morning and asked them on twitter in fact. ron rights, i agree i'm into the computer with the day job and don't receive the human interaction you need. >> it's true. >> you lose that. >> the mom blogs, momies who live in sort of secluded areas said they felt totally cut off from the social network and isolated and nervous. >> and rights, i can't answers this, online 48 hours. >> the new study out of university of china looked at 2400 college students and show they actually get depressed from too much social media. it's cutting you off ultimately. >> look how far we've come though. facebook which started in 2004, by a guy, what at
9:43 am
harvard, right. >> zuckerberg. >> in his dorm room and now six years later. >> 5 billion people use it. >> now what the guy did yesterday, he gave 100 million dollars to the school district in newark, new jersey. >> wonderful. >> he's 26 years old. and had 100 million dollars to give away at 26? >> it's a lesson out there for all of us billionaires to do the same. >> do the right thing. >> very few of us. harvard university bans the r rotc from campus. but does the school have its priorities mixed up? . men with erectile dysfunctin can be more confident... in their ability to be ready with cialis. with two clinically proven dosing options, you can choose the moment that's rig for you... ... and yourartner. 36-hour cialis and cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a low-dose tablet... you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. day or night. tell your doctorbout your medical condition...
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delicious news for dessert lovers. introducing new activia dessert. rich yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake and peach cobbler. mmm. you've got to try this. new activia dessert. ♪ activia >> welcome back to "fox & friends"ment harvard university coming under fire over its policy regarding the rotc program there. called the school out for not honoring the young men and women who want to serve our country and get this, the head of the university is welcoming students who are in the u.s. illegally. they want them there in the
9:47 am
university. joining us now is massachusetts state representative danielle webster. daniel, thank you for being with us. >> it's my pleasure, good morning. >> good morning. >> now, rotc wasn't it banned in the late '60s in harvard. >> 1969. >> the purpose for that, that was during the vietnam war of course. >> my understanding it was a protest of the vietnam war. so, now the president doesn't want rotc on campus and her rational because she doesn't support the don't ask, don't tell policy. what do you think is unfair about that? >> well, i think it's entirely unfair. if you really think about it, many of the principles on which our country was founded are the very same principles that harvard university was founded on and i think it's admirable that there are young students at harvard university that want on campus students to participate in rotc and the school has made a political decision not to allow that to continue on campus, or to
9:48 am
reinstate it on campus. based on the fact that they're unhappy with the don't ask, don't tell policy. >> yeah, but beyond that of course is the illegal immigrant argument here, which is that harvard would welcome them as part of the dream act to give them an opportunity here. what the school has to say. we very much want to make sure that all young people living in our communities can serve in the military. does the dream act does that for thousands of students and has been supported by the military leaders and the president said many times that she very much looks forward to the day when the opportunity to pursue military service will be available to all of our students who have the ability and the desire to serve. what do you say about that? >> well, i don't knowing congress should be able to have its cake and eat it, too. my view of the dream act is that it's just another opportunity to create amnesty and many may view it as simply we're only going to open our doors to a few students who are-- who have been here since they've been under 16 years old and attended a public high
9:49 am
school, have a couple of years of college under their service or military service, but when you look at the statute you see that it's eligible to people under 35 years old. so, frankly, i find it hypocritical that harvard is willing to open its doors to illegal immigrants and allow them to attend their university, but at the same time, discourage their students from participating in rotc which is designed really to train young people who want to protect the laws of our country. >> it sounds like they're trying to crack legislation at a college or a university. daniel, thanks for joining us and bringing us that story from the great state of massachusetts. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, looking to spruce up your kitchen, don't want to break the bank? home depot is here, how you can update your look by tweaking a few things, your cabinets and your counter tops next. ♪ playing )
9:50 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." now that you've done the yardwork all summer and getting ready for the fall and winter and you want to move your chores inside and want a great way to spruce up your home and do kitchen repairs and easy and affordable kitchen repairs. dave white is here from holm depot to take us through some of it. >> absolutely. kitchen is probably one of the most important rooms in the house when you're thinking about upgrading and remodeli remodeling. >> and adding to your house. >> the kitchen is an important thing, how to go about picking new cabinetry for your kitchen and how to find the best thing to suit your needs. >> when you start, you walk in, you're overwhelmed and do
9:54 am
this and worked on and redid a whole kitchen a number of years ago and you need to have a strategy and initial steps. what do you do when you first start? >> first thing, make sure you have had a shirt that would match the cabinet colors. >> plan that by the way. >> isn't that great. mauve? >> i don't know the color. >> anyway, the first thing to do is decide what you want. >> if you're making a change and redoing the whole they think, decides what you want and that's the fun part about picking a new kitchen, you do research. right? you've got to figure out do i want it painted, stained, what shade, modern, what's your style. >> in home depot you can draw a floor plan and computer software and work with experts there, too, and you're not hanging something that-- . exactly, get a how to measure guide and rough measurements so you can come in and we can layout rough cabinetry and figure out what it's going to cost depending on the type and style of cabinet. >> that's what i did. you're measuring things that don't fit. >> right. >> next up is features to look
9:55 am
for, simple upgrades and even adding the proper knobs to old cabinets. >> exactly. the first thing and one of the most important things is finish. you want to make sure that the cabinetry has a good quality finish, painted or stained and these are martha stewart living cabinets and new to home depot, and this is not actually a painted indicate net. this is a pure style which is a wrapped lamb net and it's durable and it's going to last a long time and won't fade. whether it's a painted look or stained, like you've got to make sure you get a quality, durable finish and construction is the next thing that's extremely important and take a look at the drawer, for example, if you want to look for a quality construction, in a drawer, you'll see these are a solid wood box, which is important, and then the joinery is important and how they fasten them. if you'll step back, we can probably get a shot of this off the ends and can you guys get that? the dove tail joint which is really a quality construction, see this on the very end? many' not sure.
9:56 am
>> there it is. >> there you go. better than the particle board sometimes you get when you go to-- >> they're stapled together and the other thing about the drawer, you see how far out it comes, this is a full extension which normally you might see something like this, where you've got to reach in-- >> and exactly. and this is the-- >> and then, if you'll close it real hard. >> oh, that's brilliant. >> notice how that doesn't, it doesn't slam. if you have kids you know you'll hear-- >> what if you want to be angry and slam it, i'm fed up to you. >> dog-gone it. >> there you go. >> check out the new martha stewart living collection. >> exactly. at home stewart. >> dave white always good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> doggone it! more "fox & friends" in two minutes. i'm angry.
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